Group trip planning hell: where friendships are tested, and no one wins.

Everyone knows this story. You are at a social function having a great time, and braggy Susan drops a humble brag about their last "fantastic" trip, and how "life expanding" it was. You roll your eyes, but then competitive, former class president, Betty pipes up. 

"Why don't we all work together and plan a group trip. That way all of us can experience the "life expanding" adventure that Susan just went on."

Everyone at the social even agrees and starts getting excited. Locations are offered up on all sides. Normal Bob offers up Florida, and is summarily rejected by adventurous Zack - who wants to mount Kilimanjaro. Locations for the group vacation, as well as flicks of food, are flying from everyone's mouth, and no one can agree!

As the social event whips into a frenzy, the political instincts of Betty kick in. There must be order! So she grabs a few influencers in the group, moves to a smokey corner of the room, and forms a trip committee. After the social function is over the trip committee sends out the "all knowing" email to everyone, which decrees the planning committees' dominion over the planning of the trip. 

From there email arguments breakout, friendships are tested, and gossip runs rampant. Maybe the trip leaves, but at what cost! Can this really be the best way to plan a trip with a group of friends?

I say NO!

There is a better way to plan group vacations, flights, and family trips. It starts by calling Becky Lamb Travel at 404-378-4452. 

When you call, a human picks up the phone. This human has access to more travel experience & expertise than your whole group combined. While they might not know the exact details of every location, they have a rolodex that provides direct access to owners and operators of hotels, resorts, and spas. Dream of dinner with the royal family in Portugal - Done. Want a private tour of the Louvre before anyone else - Easy. Helicopter onto a Glacier to ski - Simple. 

Having an expert on your side makes group planning much less stressful and usually saves everyone money.

Each party member can work directly with the agent, and ask all the questions they desire. Working with a travel advisor means that all the suggestions that are given to the group are of top quality. Plus, if you are in the Decatur, or Atlanta area, you can always come into our office to meet us face to face. 

We see it time, and time again when groups plan with us. They are surprised at the money they save by working with us, and the ease of planning. The quality of service we offer, and the value we provide is why 97% of our customers come back time and time again.

Experience the Becky Lamb Travel difference. When you think vacation, think Becky Lamb Travel.