Luxury Travel as a Lifestyle.

Clacking down the 358 stone steps, your heels click off the ancient granite. Somehow you can't quite make yourself feel guilty of that last glass of wine, even though you are late for dinner again. The sun slowly declines with you as you move down from your Villa in the hills towards the village proper. 

At Chez Black, your friends have already gotten a table on the patio by the ocean. Without hesitation the group moves forward with the evening, ordering the first cocktail of the night - something with bubbles. You arrive just in time, and with a group hurrah one more cocktail is added. The sun finally hits the ocean horizon, a cool ocean breeze blows, and your night truly begins in Positano. 

In the morning you wake up with the sun, and open your shutters. The morning breeze sways the white curtains of your villa as you dress. With your head feeling slightly fat, you move down the 358 steps once again. This time your sandals slide across the stone. You look up as a cat mews at the local fish merchant, the catch's scales glissen as you walk by.

The water is crisp this morning. The sun is just getting started and you can feel the heat of the day rising in the air. Diving into the ocean, you area reborn for a new day. 

This is the life rhythm of Positano, Italy. An expression of Luxury, as a Lifestyle. 



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