Calder’s Exotic Deal Alerts

Crazy Value and Cool Trips in international travel. Don’t get stuck in a group, go with experience.

Every trip includes:

at least 1 week of travel for 2 people.

4 star lodgings.

2 round trip plane tickets on a reputable airline.

at least 2 tours & transfers to and from your flights.

To book click on our trips below, or just call us at 404-378-4452. You can also send Calder an email at Prices will change, usually in the wrong direction if you drag your feet, and we do not guarantee anything.

Reserve your spot on the trip for a $50 fee that is refundable at time of travel.


Leaving MAY 2019

According to our research, May, 2019 is all about Africa, Australia, China, and India. Take a week off, and achieve a bucket list travel opportunity. For many of these trips the deal is so good, that usually ONE plane ticket, costs what the ENTIRE trip costs for two people.

Always Quality. Make it your own.

An expert Advisor can be requested to help with your custom international travel. Ask us anything, we literally can send you to into space, or Antarctica.

Becky Lamb Travel has been selling custom trips for over 25 years. We are a Virtuoso Member Agency, which means we are one of the best in the world, and we are committed to delivering consistent quality to our clients.



Why use us?

  1. All your space. Unlike some travel deals, you do not have to share your space with people you do not know. No hostels, no bunks, no bathrooms down the hall. Just nice beds, and privacy.

  2. Full freedom and stemless travel. You will not be placed in a group with 50 whiny people. You will be traveling independently. We will arrange your actives and transportation ahead of time, but you are free to explore and discover on your own.

  3. You’ve got backup. You don’t need to worry. We are available 24/7 to help you while you are traveling.

  4. Crazy value, cool trips. We have access to unpublished fares that the public just cannot get. It helps us find the best deals in the world. Then find the coolest things to do in that region of the world, and set the trip up right. It’s value, and quality, rolled into one.